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    The Salon & Spa Coaching Lounge

    is a group coaching opportunity that allows you to learn advanced business skills and use them within your salon immediately. No more floundering. No more wondering. Just pure business teachings and masterminding that will be inspirational, actionable and profitable.

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    Kirsten Foss

    Running a successful salon is about learning how to communicate your value, to be able to think critically on how your systems & strategies effect your operations and how to balance it all without losing your passion.
    It's not just about the's HOW you want to make it.

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- This post is for all wanna-be spa owners. And it’s also for seasoned owners to reflect and remember, “Ah, yes…that was a tough year!” While it’s incredibly exciting to finally hang your spa shingle up and shout out that you …

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- We’re in the second week of September, and I’m wondering what everyone’s schedules look like. Typically, the first few weeks of September are when spas wonder where all the guests have disappeared! For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been testing …

Say Yes to the Dress

- After being a ‘giver’ in the spa industry for 25 years, I truly appreciate receiving highly customized service. I love the exclusive treatment and the attention to detail to my needs when I choose this route. The result? My confidence …


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